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Address: Floor 8, Building No.2, Xinlin Bay Business Operations Center, Jimei District, Xiamen

Strait exchanges specialty food center


The project by Nine carp group and the Linyi City Association of enterprises with investment of Taiwan compatriots, the three president of Deli Group Chairman Mr. Xu Shaohuang organization invested by Taiwan KMT Honorary Chairman, Mr. Wu Boxiong inscription for project; project planning 150 hectares of land, construction of special economic zones a collection of food research and development, processing and display, trade and logistics, business and leisure, e-commerce platform, residential construction life for the development of Hercynian characteristics of food industry chain, combined with the food and culture around the world, landscape ecology, leisure shopping environment, become the most complete the most characteristic food distribution center; project planning two mountain park "Park East Temple", "medicinal botanical garden" park here, in the forests, wooden footway, let you walk in here, entertainment, exercise, to experience the charm of nature here, is the most natural oxygen bar, create the characteristic food earth village, to become the province's entertainment Food shopping big garden. Occupy the core transport hub
"South Park" is located in Minnan Golden Triangle "Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou" in the Middle East junction, 45 km away from Quanzhou, 60 kilometers west of Zhangzhou, 38 km south of Xiamen, 13 kilometers from the county, is an important channel of Fujian north into Xiamen. 1 hour radiation population more than 15000000 people.

Highway traffic lead in all directions: convenient transportation; expressway and Fu Guang Expressway under external traffic highway network has started the meeting, Pu high-speed permanent, spring three high speed through the surrounding, the city has two interchange;

Railway: Long Quan planning high-speed railway, Zhang Quan railway through the project, 15 minutes to the train station;
Light rail: the docking with the Xiamen light rail transit planning;

Airport: 30 minutes arrived at Jinjiang airport and Xiamen airport, 45 minutes;

Port: 45 minutes arrived at Xiamen, Quanzhou port;



ADD:8F,2# of Xinlinwan business operations center,Jimei,Xiamen TEL:0592-5123899
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